Frequently Asked Questions:

The Venue

Alcove Spring is located on the East River Road off of Highway 77.

Everyone must enter Alcove Spring from the south.  The East River Road from Marysville to Alcove Spring will be closed prior to the concert.  From Blue Rapids you will head north on US-77, from Marysville you will head south on US-77. There is a small directional sign to Alcove Spring on the highway just south of  the Georgia-Pacific gypsum mine. At Tumbleweed Road head west.  It is about 6 miles to Alcove Spring. Road signs will be placed to help in navigating to the event.

No. It is against state regulations to bring in alcohol; all bags will be searched upon entrance. However, we will have wonderful local beer for sale by Kansas Territory from Washington, KS, as well as several other delightful options to drink.

No. However, there will be several food vendors to choose from such as burgers, hot dogs, tenderloins, BBQ and carnival food.

Absolutely! We will also have a limited amount of chairs to rent for a minimal fee.

That will be up to you. Keep in mind that the farther back you sit, the more room you will potentially have to spread out. However, in this natural amphitheater, there really is no bad seat or spot.

No. However, there are some awesome trails, and, of course, Alcove Spring. If you want to hike, do so with caution and come prepared! There will be a map to help you out!

Alcove Spring Historic Park opens at 11 am for parking, hiking, etc. Come early to enjoy a hike through the natural beauty of Marshall County!

The gates to the concert venue open at 3:00 pm. 

The Tickets

Yes. All tickets must be scanned at the gate into the park. The full printed ticket sheet must be present.

Absolutely not! We’re hoping you bring your friends to add to our friends who will all become friends during the concert! We’ll be with 3000 of our best friends!

Yes! Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Barb Buck via the contact form. Applications submitted are not guaranteed to be accepted.

Please call Ken and Zita Duensing at 785-250-1395

Please visit their website at www.thebeachboys.com or www.mikelove.com  for more information.

$95 — Pit-Experience An up-close concert experience in a one-of-a-kind venue.

$75 — Mid-Park A closer section than General Admission, offering a more personal experience.


$55 — General Admission While the farthest area from the band, this section offers the best view of the natural amphitheater.

The Parking

There will be parking attendants who will direct you on how and where to park. Enter the parking field to the north of the main entrance of Alcove Spring.

We are absolutely able to accommodate you. Please call 785-619-6050 to make prior arrangements. Please keep in mind that Alcove Spring is 230+ acres of basically untouched land. While we are willing to help as much as we can, some walking or mobility is required to make the park accessible.

There will be two ways.

Can you walk? Yes, absolutely. We will have a clearly marked and lit walking trail from the parking lot into the venue. It is a fairly long hike, and will involve some hills, so take it with caution. There is also a potential of seeing/interacting with wildlife. You will be walking directly through their natural habitat!

You are also welcome to wait for a trailer that will take you into the venue—right to the gates to come in. Trailers will start running at 3 pm and will run approximately every 20 minutes until 7 pm. The trailers will start again after the concert.


The more, the merrier! We are excited to host a concert with 3000 of our best friends! We would love to accommodate a tour bus. However, please call 785-619-6050 to make prior arrangements so we can make sure you have the best experience possible.

The road to Alcove Spring Historical Park is seven miles of gravel country road. There are places that are narrow and are not ideal conditions for tour bus travel, but are definitely passable.

We suggest carpooling. There is enough parking for the amount of tickets being sold, but we suggest carpooling out to Alcove Spring.

The Concert

THE BEACH BOYS will begin their show at 7:30 pm. 

This concert will be held if it rains or shines. If there is adverse weather such as lighting that makes having the concert unsafe, the event will be cancelled.  Tickets are non-refundable.

THE BEACH BOYS are led by Mike Love and Bruce Johnston — who, along with Tim Bonhomme, John Cowsill, Keith Hubacher, Scott Totten, and Randy Leago continue the legacy of America’s iconic band.  THE SHOW DOES NOT INCLUDE BRIAN WILSON, AL JARDINE AND/OR DAVID MARKS.

The Area

We are so excited to have you to enjoy our towns in Marshall County before the big concert!

All of our towns have wonderful museums. If you’re in Marysville, browse our wonderful selection of shops and businesses on Main Street and beyond. Want to warm up your legs with a bit of hiking preparation? Grab a map of the black squirrel statues and start your hunt! Several of them are located downtown or within walking distance.

In Blue Rapids, enjoy the awesome Town Square and the fun businesses located on it. Don’t miss the Blue Rapids Museum!

In Waterville, enjoy the historic Weaver Hotel and Opera House. You can also check with the Chamber to see if you can schedule a tour of their fun depot museum.

For more information about Marysville, call the Chamber of Commerce at 785-562-3101.

For information about Blue Rapids, call the Chamber of Commerce at 785-363-7991.

The Chamber of Commerce office in Waterville can help you out with more information at 785-799-4294.

The list of lodging & accommodations in Marysville, Blue Rapids, Frankfort and Waterville are available on our website, www.mcactickets.com.