The Beach Boys

Live at Alcove Spring Historic Park
Saturday, July 31, 2021
Parking Lots open at 11:00 am
Gates open at 3:00 pm
Bryton Stoll at 4:30 pm
Big Time Grain Company at 6:00 pm
The Beach Boys at 7:30 pm
Live Circuit at 9:30 pm

The Beach Boys Live at Alcove Spring Historic Park is an outdoor concert event.
Face masks are not required, but guests are welcome to wear one at their discretion.

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While the farthest area from the band, this section offers the best view of the natural amphitheater.



A closer section than General Admission, offering a more personal experience.



An up-close concert experience in a one-of-a-kind venue.


The Venue: Alcove Spring Historic Park

Located on the old Oregon-California Trail, this historic site was the stopping place for many wagon trains, including the famed Donner Party. The name of the Park comes from the Alcove Spring and Naomi Pike falls both located on the premises and accessible by walking trails. The entrance to the Park is on East River Road, a well maintained gravel road that runs approximately parallel with U. S. Highway 77 between the cities of Marysville and Blue Rapids, Kansas. Passenger cars, pickup trucks and SUV’s may be parked at the Park for this event at no charge. Larger vehicles and motor homes and travel trailers will be directed to a designated parking area and will be charged additional.